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9 hours ago Music
Lor Scoota
Melony Hill

R.I.P. Lor Scoota: Baltimore Mourns The Violent Murder Of One Of Its Brightest Stars.

Well known local rapper Lor Scoota was shot dead in Baltimore in broad daylight Saturday evening. The 23-year-old was working hard on his music and changing his life as he chased his dream. Dream chasers don’t make it far in Baltimore.

23 hours ago News
Jessica Hampton- Photo courtesy of Facebook
Negra With Tumbao

Jessica Hampton: Murdered And Abandoned By The City That She Loved

Jessica Hampton lost her life because people didn’t care. They will have to live with this for the rest of their lives.


‘Batman v Superman’ Fandango Giveaway: Enter For Your Chance to Win One of Four $25 Fandango Gift Cards!

Enter for a chance to win one of four Fandango gift certificates.

1 day ago News
West VA - AP photo
Melony Hill

West V.A. Under Water. 24 Confirmed Dead, More Missing. Communities Devastated.

At least 24 people are dead and the lives of hundreds more changed forever as heavy rain flooded west Virginia over the last two days. The floods have destroyed over 100 homes and knocked out power to tens of thousands more.

1 day ago Basketball
TUT Staff

Charles Barkley Still Doesn’t Think That Lebron James Is One of The Top 5 Players of All Time

Charles Barkley goes against the grain and still doesn’t declare LeBron James (even after winning a championship for Cleveland) a Top 5 player. Do you agree or disagree?

1 day ago Music
TUT Staff

Big L’s Alleged Killer Murdered in Harlem

Big L’s alleged murderer has been gunned down in Harlem.

1 day ago Tech
TUT Staff

Some Common Causes For an Improperly Working Headlight Bulb

If you ever blown out a headlight on your car, you may want to take heed to this.

3 days ago Lifestyle
Amazing Anniversary Gift Ideas He’ll Really Love
Brooke Chaplan

Amazing Anniversary Gift Ideas He’ll Really Love

You might be able to get away with something generic for a birthday or Valentine’s Day, but when it comes to anniversary gifts, you have to really be on point.

3 days ago Television
Christina Jeter

I Was an Extra on ‘Outsiders’ and I Loved It!

I was excited to be a part of the upcoming season of “Outsiders.”

3 days ago News
Melony Hill

Another Not Guilty Verdict, Now What? This Baltimore Resident’s View On The Tragedy, Trial And Triumphs Of Baltimore Since The Death Of Freddie Gray.

Not Guilty. The test of strength Baltimore now faces is rebuilding, rebuilding communities, relationships and a sense of pride in it’s citizens.

4 days ago News
Melony Hill

Assistant Principal Arrested In Murder Of Pregnant Teacher and Unborn Baby

The coroners report indicates that Washington died from a single gunshot wound to the head, as a result her unborn child died as well.

5 days ago Business
Melony Hill

SOLD! Ebony and Jet Magazines Have New Owners. Next Up For Sale WHUT, The Nations Only Black Owned Public Television Network.

Did you know that Ebony and Jet Magazines have been sold and Howard University Television is up for sale? Will the integrity of these brands remain?

6 days ago Music
Victoria Johnson

Jamie Foxx Channels Future in Hilarious Verizon Ad [VIDEO]

Jamie Foxx did a great job as Ray Charles in Ray, but it seems that the actor can also channel another music artist — Future.

6 days ago Basketball
LeBron James
Victoria Johnson

Cleveland Cavaliers Win The 2016 NBA Championship

In Game 7, the Cleveland Cavaliers won the 2016 NBA championship with a score of 93-89.

1 week ago Interviews
Christina Jeter

Lifetime’s TV Movie “Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?” Takes A New Direction

There’s a lot more Shakespeare in James Franco’s remake of seminal TV movie “Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?” than you would expect.

1 week ago Entertainment
Melony Hill

The Beyhive Donates $82,000 To Aid Flint Residents, Beyonce Gets The Credit. The Marketing Maven Strikes Again.

You’ll say she’s being a philanthropist, I say she’s an opportunist. Congratulations Beyhive you rock! You raised $82,234 for residents of Flint Michigan.

1 week ago Opinions
Melony Hill

Save The Gators, Crucify The Parents. A Tale Of White Privilege In America.

So if you’re Black and break the rules you deserve to die? If you’re white and break the rules and die the nation mourns?

1 week ago Music
TUT Staff

Man Who Fought Justin Bieber Wants to Meet Up Or He Plans to Sue

The man who Bieber punched is giving him a chance to meet up to settle their differences before he decides to take matters to court.

1 week ago News
Negra With Tumbao

The Hypocrisy of Vilifying Black Parents In Tragic Situations

The media hasn’t been kind to black parents. Even when they’ve not done anything wrong. Apparently, white parents are held to a different standard.

1 week ago Basketball
TUT Staff

Craig Sager Gets to Cover First NBA Finals

Craig Sager is battling leukemia, but that won’t stop him from his first-ever NBA Finals assignment.

1 week ago Fashion
MEY Design
Christina Jeter

‘Game of Thrones’ Jewelry Line Launching for Those Who Want to Style and Profile Like Some of Their Favorite Characters From the Show

Now, here’s your chance to cop some of the jewelry that Daenerys wears.

2 weeks ago News
Lane Graves
Melony Hill

Disney Death Confirmed. Body Of Toddler Found After Disney Resort Gator Attack.

There are some who are blaming the parents, some who are blaming Disney World. Myself? I just hope the media gives these parents the same exact treatment they gave the mother whose child fell into the gorilla pit recently.

2 weeks ago News
Melony Hill

Disney Alligator Attack: 2-Year Old Boy Missing Still After Disney Hotel Gator Attack

A 2-year-old boy was attacked and dragged off by an alligator at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort. What started as a fun, family movie night on the beach of the popular hotel has become a nightmare for the family of five from Nebraska.

2 weeks ago News
Melony Hill

Mass Killing At Florida Gay Bar Furthers Government Anti Muslim/Anti Assault Weapon Agenda.

Officials have been quick to label this killing a terrorist attack, domestic terrorism. Much quicker than when the perpetrator’s a Caucasian nut with a gun.

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